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Success Stories

Customer Testimonial

M1 to manage just about every aspect of Pequot Tool’s operations—from the initial quote and order through job tracking and scheduling activity on the shop floor to the final invoice.

Mark Shervey, President

Customer Testimonial

Before we brought in M1, we were using six different software programs to run the company.

Cher Wagner

Customer Testimonial

The simple customisation is a strong feature of M1 and this was a factor when we were deciding on which ERP to install

Adrian Brooks, Finance Director, Brooks Forgings

Customer Testimonial

At the end of an exhaustive process that played out over a six-month period, Distek chose the M1 Business Management System.

Gail Raynor & Pierre Parks

Customer Testimonial

M1 was the clear choice for our particular needs. Its customization abilities were a stand-out.

Adrian van de Ven

Customer Testimonial

We need systems that enable quick, scheduled production, when the customer requirements demand it.

Brett Mackieson, General Manager

Customer Testimonial

“One of the things we really like about M1 is that it’s put together by folks who listened to their customers on what they wanted to see and how they wanted the software to behave.”

John Whitcraft, President & Owner, Precise Manufacturing

Customer Testimonial

“We use M1 for just about every aspect of our company today and it plays a key role in making sure everything operates as it should—smoothly and profitably.”

Christy Walsh, Vice President

Customer Testimonial

There are a lot of programs out there for mid-size manufacturers like us, but there's no doubt in my mind that M1 is by far the best in class for our particular needs.

Brad Knilans, IT Manager, JEM Technical Products

Customer Testimonial

The customisation is one of the main reasons why we have chosen M1. Other systems in the same price range didn't allow such levels of customisation. M1 has made it a lot easier.

Steve White, Company Accountant, Listawood

Customer Testimonial

Then number one USP of M1 is without doubt its ease of customisation

Paul Salloway, Business Development and Systems Manager, JH Richards

Customer Testimonial

Accurate job costing information is just one element of the value package M1 delivers.

Joe Howe

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