M1 Add-on Webinar Schedule

M1's newest and most popular add-ons and integrations

Every month, ECi M1 presents free, informative webinar about M1 add-on modules and integrations that can help your manufacturing business. 

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M1® Document Management: Enhance M1 with a cost effective method of controlling and accessing a virtually unlimited number of external documents related to quotes, parts, jobs and purchase orders both on and off the shopfloor.

Tuesday, October 11th @ 11:00am CT

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M1® Advanced Business Reporting: An extension to AFR, this module extends your data-mining reach into your business' production, inventory, service, sales data and much more.

Tuesday, November 8th @ 1:00pm CT

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CADLink for M1®: From your CAD system to M1-Get your production team bi-directional access to real-time data on engineering designs and work order documentation.

Thursday, December 1 @ 1:00pm CT

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